AirAsia Promotion To Indonesia (March – July 2014)

Visiting Indonesia is now easier and affordable thanks to AirAsia! Fly to Pekanbaru, Palembang, Medan, Jakarta and Surabaya from all-in fare RM72 onwards from Kuala Lumpur. Book your ticket before the end of next week for traveling period till 31st July 2014.


Booking Period: 3 March 2014 – 16 March 2014

Travel Period: 3 March 2014 – 31 July 2014

Check out some AirAsia promo fares to Indonesia:

  • Fly from RM72 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Pekanbaru
  • Fly from RM82 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Padang, Palembang
  • Fly from RM93 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Medan
  • Fly from RM102 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh
  • Fly from RM112 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Semarang, Solo, Yogyakarta
  • Fly from RM166 all-in-fare: Kuala Lumpur to Bandung, Jakarta

Check out full details of AirAsia promo fares to Indonesia:

AirAsia Promotion to Indonesia Fares Details

Click here to book AirAsia promo seats to Indonesia now

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  1. hi,dlm facebook airasia ad promosi rm 93 from kuala lumpur to surabaya,tp bile sye pergi ke kedai dia org cakap takde pula mana yg btul???tq

    1. @warti: Minta maaf, tempoh booking sudah tamat pada 16 March 2014. Sila rujuk kepada promosi terbaru.

  2. Berapa harga tiket untuk tujuan
    Semarang – Medan ,
    Pulang pergi ,,
    Pergi 30-07-2014
    Tolong di balas,,

  3. Planning to travel from Penang to Bandung Depart 08Aug14 Return 10Aug14, 3 paxs need budget hotel airport transfer as well.

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